Behavioral Health Program Services

The Department of Correction offers a range of programs and behavioral health services to balance safety and offenders' needs to foster a successful transition from prison to the community. The Department partners with a variety of community providers to address emerging trends in medical care, behavioral health, and support services to address the challenges and concerns experienced by the criminal justice population.

Behavioral Health, under the auspices of the Bureau of Health Care, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (BHSAMHS), is comprised of mental health care, substance use programming and sex offender treatment. With the prevalence of offenders diagnosed with mental illness, substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders, the behavioral health provider conducts screenings and assessments at the time of intake to determine the nature and extent of the individual's needs and required level of care. The screening/assessment process sets the framework to conduct treatment planning throughout the individual's engagement in institutional programming and/or behavioral health care services.

The delivery of services include comprehensive evaluations, individual treatment, group counseling, acute stabilization, psychiatric care, therapeutic communities, medication assisted treatment and discharge and re-entry services. BHSAMHS is committed to support quality care, successful reintegration, reduce recidivism, and promote public safety through the implementation of evidence based practices that support the offender's transition to a healthy lifestyle in the community.