Community Relations

Spring 2024 DOC Citizens Academy Application

The Community Relations Unit is the bridge between the public, community and religious organizations, government agencies, municipalities, and the Department of Correction. The Unit manages requests for information and assistance as well as the works toward the resolution of constituent concerns. The Community Relations Unit works toward building positive long term relationships with outside stakeholders and establishments necessary to our growth, success, and commitment to public safety and to the DOC employees responsible for upholds our dual mission of providing safety and security and rehabilitative opportunities.

Part of the Unit's work to sustain public safety requires family interest, strong community connections, and solid government support. This is accomplished by participating in community events, organizing activities, visiting local schools, participating in government and civic committees, developing marketing materials, writing news releases, and maintaining a strong social media presence. Some of the most notable community involvement includes our participation in the Delaware State Fair, National Night Out, Thunder Over Dover, and Safe Trick-R-Treating

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The work of the Unit in the community not only serves to aid our relations with the public, organizations, and other agencies, it also build our connection to offenders and their families, and provides a platform to encourage young people to be drug-free, law abiding citizens by discouraging problematic behaviors that could ultimately lead them into the criminal justice system. This is done by involving our staff in Career Day events in local schools and through mentoring programs such as the Green Beret Project.

Community Relations also oversees family services for friends and family members of those incarcerated in the State of Delaware. Our Community Relations Officer provides a centralized point of contact for loved ones who may have questions, concerns, or need help in understanding the operation of the Department of Correction.

Community Relations staff may be reached using the contact information below:

Department of Correction Administration Building
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904
Phone:(302) 857-5470